Mardi Gras riot, 2001

Philadelphia Police officers charge down South Street on horseback in an effort to break up the crowd after violence broke out during Mardi Gras celebrations in 2001.

A crowd of 40-50,000 had gathered, some businesses were looted and around 100 people were arrested, according to a PhillyMag recap a couple of years ago.

Back in 2001, The New York Times reported that Mardi Gras violence had also broken out in Austin, Fresno and Seattle.

Bush inauguration protests, 2001

Photographs by Jim MacMillan ©2001

Bush inauguration protests

I went to Washington to photograph demonstrators protesting against the inauguration of President George W. Bush in 2001.

Rain was pouring and grandstands were empty until they were filled with protesters, who carried signs, shouted and threw garbage toward the new President’s limousine.

Though much smaller than some anti-war demonstrations I covered there in following years, thousands of protesters outnumbered supporters along the Pennsylvania Avenue parade route on this day, in bold contrast with the large, joyful crowds I found when I covered first Clinton inauguration in 1993.

The demonstration got exceptionally little media attention and live television coverage of the parade somehow avoided showing this section of the route.

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