Bailing out, 2004

U.S. Army soldiers bail out after their Bradley fighting vehicle was disabled by a roadside bomb during a major incursion into the Sadr City section of Baghdad, Iraq, Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2004. Nobody was seriously injured but fuel was gushing from a ruptured tank after the blast and they had to take shelter inside a nearby building until more vehicles arrived.

Reflection from Ramadi, 2004

I never would have set up a selfie in the middle of a combat mission but I did lift my head for a moment to catch this picture when I spotted myself reflected in the twisted rearview mirror of a Humvee while covering a recon mission with US Marines in the Iraqi City of Ramadi on 2004.

I spent a year covering the Iraq war for The Associated Press, ending in April, 2005.

NYC peace march, 2003

Demonstrators wave labeled portraits of Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and Ari Fleischer in New York City, two days after US forces invaded Iraq in 2003.

About 200,000 protesters paraded along Broadway from Times Square to Washington Square Park, in what news reports then indicated was the largest peace march in the city’s history.

Date: 3/22/03, Time: 2:23:59 p.m., Shutter: 1/1600, f: 6.3, ISO: 400, Lens 17mm