Peace protesters arrested at Capitol, 2002

Police arrested about a dozen peace protesters after some blocked a road leading to the U. S. Capitol Building during a demonstration in October, 2002.

About 200 people had gathered for the rally as US lawmakers were about to vote on the invasion of Iraq, which followed about six months later.

I was already in Washington at the time to cover the DC Sniper attacks, which were commanding most of the national headlines that month.

Oklahoma City bombing, 1995

Investigators and emergency workers search for clues and victims one day after the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. I flew out of Philadelphia shortly after the attack but weather delayed flights and I arrived just before dawn one day later. I was greeted by a wide perimeter fenced off with guarded checkpoints but found this view a few blocks away.

Philadelphia photo op, 1995

Ben Franklin reenactor Ralph Archbold poses with boxers Riddick Bowe, left and Evander Holyfield during a Philadelphia promotional event in advance of their match in Nevada in 1995. Bowe won by a technical knockout.

I wanted Ben out of the picture that day and he was really persistent but now I’m glad it turned out this way.