Stealth Fighter revealed, 1991

An F-117 stealth fighter glides past the crowd during an airshow at Hanscom Field near Boston in the summer of 1991.

The aircraft had been shrouded in secrecy for many years but came into prominence during the Gulf War, just months before I got this peek.

I’m guessing that I would have captured this picture with a Nikon FM-2 film camera and a 500mm f8 mirror lens, which was the only long telephoto I could afford at the time.

I probably pushed the film to meet the the need for a reasonably high shutter speed with this slow lens, thus accounting for the grainy image quality.

And I probably scanned this image years later from a print that may have been discolored over time due to reckless processing, for which I could also be responsible. I was never interested in spending too much time in the darkroom.