Remember this photograph, 2003

A peace protester holds up a photograph from the Vietnam era during a demonstration held in Washington in 2003, in opposition to the impending US war with Iraq.

Date: 1/18/03, Time: 1:22:47 PM, Shutter: 1/1600, f:4.0, ISO:400, Lens: Zoomed to 92mm

Nick Ut, who captured the famous image of the burned child running from her village in 1972, recently announced his retirement after 51 years with the Associated Press.

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Photojournalists doused in pepper spray, 2000

Police fire pepper spray toward photojournalists in Washington, DC, during an economic human rights demonstration against policies of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund in April, 2000.

I was wearing eye protection and ducked most of my face into my bent arm but I went home with painful sunburn-like irritation on my forehead. 

Scattered acts of violence had broken out and protesters had rolled a dumpster toward this barricade moments earlier.